We, TSUI HANG HING Group (Named as THH Group) founded in 1982, established our factories in the Mainland China since the early 80's. Our appearance in the garment manufacturing industry made us a pioneer since then.


At present moment, THH Group is composed of TSUI HANG HING GARMENT FACTORY LIMITED based in Hong Kong, FRANK WELL GARMENT FACTORY LIMITED based in Fujian Province, HARVEST GARMENT COMPANY LIMITED and XING DA GARMENT COMPANY LIMITED both based in Jiangxi Province.


The 3 factories that we had mentioned earlier are all 100% self-owned garment factories with a total area of 50,000 square meters and having a work force of 1,600 workers.


We do offer to our valuable customers a large variety of production facilities with the latest technique such as later cutting, hot melt finishing, thermo-taping, non-thread finishing and so on.


Our service starts from the beginning of reception of all designs and technical data sheets where we carry all the process till the end of the final product.


Our annual capacity is:

Production line for Ski-jackets and thermo-taped-seamed functional wear - 1,000,000 pieces.

Production line for Outdoor wear, Trekking Pants, Body warmers, Windbreakers, Outdoor shorts and others - 2,000,000 pieces.

Therefore, we would like to extend our offer and service to our valuable customers such as development of collection, preparation of salesmen samples and bulk production where our main theme is to provide the highest quality and service in new technical products to our worldwide partners.


Our Current customers are:

•          International Ski wear Brands

•          International Snowboard Brands

•          International Outdoor wear Brands

•          Our current customers, ENDURA, CMP, CRAFT, TENSION, TERNUA and Etc…..


We are here to serve you.

We are THH Group.